Making Homes Safe

When buying a house, you have to consider whether the structure actually meets your needs. It's not all about appearance, although this is also an important consideration if you are looking at the purchase as an investment. You should check if the space is enough for your family as it grows through the years. A two-bedroom home may seem plenty today but it might not be adequate once the children come. Consider special needs among family members as well. For example, if you are going to be living with an elderly or disabled person, then you should make sure that the house has fall prevention measures.

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Hand Rails

It may be enough to find a place that is generally safe with a sound structure and no dangerous sections. In case the house was not built with safety in mind, you will just have to install the necessary additions yourself. Renovate with a contractor after discussing what you want to achieve. For fall prevention, it would be prudent to place hand rails and grab bars at strategic areas. This includes the stairs, the bathroom, and other spots that are generally prone to accidents. Slips and falls can result in broken bones, muscle strains, and wounds. By providing something to hand on to, people can maintain their balance and arrest their fall.

Anti-slip Surfaces

Smooth and wet surfaces are dangerous as they can cause people to slip. Even younger ones can be a victim of such spots. Wearing non-slip footwear can help to a certain degree but not all the time. Sometimes you will just have to face the cause of the problem directly. Identify the high-risk areas around the house and install anti-slip covers whenever possible. Consider non-slip tread for wooden steps and coarser tiles for the bathroom. If a spot always gets slippery because of wetness, then check if a leak is causing this and call a plumber to fix it. Sometimes, the problematic areas will not be apparent until you have already bought the house and lived in it for a while. Be vigilant in addressing the issues as they come up.

Lighting Fixtures

Another reason why people might get into an accident is because they were not able to see where they were going clearly. They might have stepped over or bumped into something that they could have easily avoided had the area been illuminated. Thus, it would be prudent to install lighting fixtures wherever they are needed. Common areas include hallways, staircases, and the like. The switches should be near the entrances for easy reach. Some lights have built-in sensors that light up when they detect motion so you won't even have to switch them on. Having emergency flashlights is also a good idea.

Hazard Removal

Lastly, see if there are any hazards around the house. These may develop over time so be mindful in case they become apparent. Clean up clutter and organise wires around the house to they don't cause people to trip. Clear high traffic areas of things that could get in the way like planters and coffee tables.